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Baby Elephant Care - Free Game For Kids and Adults

4.2 ( 4352 ratings )
게임 엔터테인먼트 아케이드 시뮬레이션
개발자: Nitin Chauhan
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Welcome to our “ Baby Elephant Care “ Game. In this Game you have to care of baby elephant like to clean his body, Give some food and some medical process and wear different different clothes, caps, Specs, and many more.

There are Five different elephants. You have to choose one of them and give all treatments.

In the first process their will be first clean up dust with tissue paper, through out grass from his body and wash with shampoo and shower. After that lap of medicine cream when he damaged and wear some clothes.

The second process will be care of elephant to give Injection or Milk with some Fruits like Bananas, Apples, Pear.

And at Last the Dress-up to wear cute dress with cap, hair, Hair-pin, Googols, Socks and toys.

So Come-on Baby elephant is waiting For Your Response.

=> HD Stunning Graphics.
=> Ultimate background music and sounds.
=> Beautiful animation and more entertainment.
=> Supported All IOS device.

Its amazing game Play and Enjoy......

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